Android TV is the most popular TV box out there. Due to availability of movies, TV shows, sports and news apps people used to buy these Android TV boxes instead others. However, you can’t install many movies and TV shows apps from play store. Many of those are removed or not available on play store. Therefore people tends to use alternative Android TV app stores. Below listed some of them.

Select your favorite TV Store

AppLinked is like DroidAdmin or Filelinked. Has TV stores created by Android users all around the world. You can find AppLinked code from the internet and access those public TV stores. You will be able find many streaming applications on those stores.

FileSynced is also like Filelinked. Same functionality. You can create your own store and add files. If not you can access public FileSynced store to install Android TV apps and games for free.

Aptoide TV is more likely play store TV. If your Android TV box does not has Play store TV application you can use this. For example Amazon Fire TV devices does not has play store TV. Instead those devices comes with Amazon App Store. You will be able to find all most all TV apps and games on play store TV within Aptoide TV. Aptoide TV also offers apps and games that are available only for phones. If you want to use any Android app or game used on your phone that is not available for TV, then Aptoide TV is the best and easiest choice to install.