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ES File Explorer for Android TV

ES File Explorer for Android TV is acting as three different apps. Those are performing their action as a
* multimedia explorer
* cloud storage
* file manager
* File Downloader for Android TV

This is a production by the ES mobile. Also it allows file transferring of the android to Windows. That can be performed via the FTP or LAN. Also that is a root browser. In the above I told you that this is by the ES mobile. Even it is the developer of the ES File Explorer. 

At the start of the file explorer about $9.99 monthly charge had to be paid. Because there are more advanced features on it. But you weren’t able to find this app on the google play store. Why is that? That removal of the app from that on the 2019 April month. This is not the single app that was removed. There are some more apps with that. Those apps are created with DO global. 

So we can’t predict when that will be added to that Google play store. There are many useful features of the above app for Android TV. By looking over them, decide whether you can use that app or not. 

Download apps using ES File Explorer

Features of the ES File Explorer 

Access your computer through the android device with the presence of WiFi 
You can access your computer directly from your android device. You can enter initially the fast acceding menu. 

Browsing android files from your computer 
This action may help you in transferring files from an android to another. 

Can uninstall multiple apps 
You can select all the unwanted apps. Then it will be deleted one by one. 

Allow hiding the media 
If you want to hide some media from your gallery  you can use that feature 

Extracting of apk files from the device 

Allow transferring large-sized files between two android devices 
For that, both android devices have to be in the same WiFi. If you don’t have such a connection you can create hotspots with each other’s devices. 

Remove pre-installed system apps ( Root required)
There you can open the window of all system apps. Then you can select the unwanted apps. 

Deleting the lock pattern on the device 
The lock pattern of the device is stored in the gesture key. If you delete this the lock pattern will be removed from your device. 

Can edit host files on the android 
If you want to block some unwanted sites you can do it from here. 

Can use this as a browser 
Yes, you can use this as in the mode of browser. 

FAQs of ES File Explorer

Can you find it on the Google Play Store? 
No, it will be removed from it. 

When it will be back on the Google Play Store? 
Couldn’t tell absolutely

Install ES File Explorer for Android TV

ES File Explorer Filelinked

Downloading ES File Explorer APK for Android TV is not a easy as installing app from Play Store. You have to download and install this app from other sources. Click here to install ES File Explorer on Android TV.

If you have Filelinked installed on your Android TV then you can easily download and install this app for free.

Filelinked Code for ES File Explorer: 16553983 

Use above code to visit Filelinked Store that has ES File Explorer Pro. Search app name and download pro version for free.

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