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What is Filelinked and why people so interested on this app. It is because this is the best app that comes to Android TV. If you own a Android TV you may know that installing apps or searching any app you want is a painful process. Because there is no physical keyboard or you can’t directly press on keyboard that appear on TV like smart phones. So you have to navigate across the virtual keyboard using your remote and enter letter by letter. Thing if you reset your Android TV device and want to reinstall those apps. Then it will be impossible task and take hours to finish.

Do you ever think that without a separate Bluetooth keyboard you can setup your Android TV easily. Yes it is possible with Filelinked. At first app was introduced in the mind of facilitating bulk file download. You can setup list of files you want to have on Android TV using your computer and then download them to TV using Filelinked app. It is so simple.

Later everything changed. Many people create Filelinked Stores with most popular Android apps required for Android TV. Those apps are mainly streaming app made for free Movies, TV shows and more. So they tends to share their Filelinked codes with others. So everyone who have filelinked does not need to create their own filelinked code. They can use public filelinked code like 11111111, 32364318. Mainly those filelinked stores are maintained by Youtube. They make a video about latest Android TV movie app and allow users to download those apps using their Filelinked code.

What is a APK and why APK download ?


As you all know that Filelinked is no longer available on Google Play Store. You have to download that from filelinked official website. Click here to download latest version of Filelinked. Apk is the file format used in Android like exe for windows. Why it is not in Google play Store. It is because due to some issues and policy mismatch. It doesn’t mean that it is a malware or some kind of bad app.

In order to install Apk file or any Android app that is downloaded directly from web ( Any app not downloaded from Google Play Store ) have to grant access or allow “Unknown Apps” from security settings. Once you enable that feature it shows a warning message that it a dangerous process. Don’t worry you are installing only the known apps. So make sure to use official website to download Filelinked APK.

Click here to read how to quickly setup your Android TV using Filelinked.

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