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Sheet Music Boss – Piano tutorials for TV

The Sheet Music Boss app is a unique piano instructive app that lets users develop or improve their piano playing skills. This powerful application was designed by myCast and was released to the app market in the year 2020. The app contains a vast library of sheet music which can be accessed by all users and allows users the opportunity to learn to play piano in a better and engaging manner. Sheet Music Boss app provides a simple and user-friendly interface that allows users the freedom to enhance their skills and even learn some new turns along the way.

Special Features of the app

The Sheet Music Boss app consists of a wide range of features that enhances app functionality as well as user appeal. One such special feature is its vast library of sheet music designed for all levels whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player you can find the right fit for you. The app caters to a wide spectrum of musical tastes by offering a diverse range of music genres ranging from classical and jazz to pop and rock. The program also includes a number of piano tutorials, such as video lessons and step-by-step instructions. This makes it simple for users to learn new songs and enhance their playing abilities, even if they have no prior piano knowledge.

The Sheet Music Boss app also has the ability to change the tempo of the music, allowing users to practice at their own pace which is comfortable for them. The program also has a metronome function to assist players in keeping time while practicing.

How the app works

The layout of the Sheet Music Boss app is very simple and can be understood by all ages. You can freely download the app from Aptoide TV, Unlinked or Filesynced and launch it in your device.

After making an account you can search through the available content and pick the sheet music you prefer. The application includes sheet music that can be zoomed in and out for easy reading, finger placement guides, and audio snippets of the songs to assist users learn new tunes. The program also includes a MIDI playback option, which allows users to hear the notes they are practicing played back to them. The app provides a choice of courses conducted by skilled piano instructors for users who like to learn through video lectures. These classes cover everything from basic finger placement and music theory to advanced techniques.


The Sheet Music Boss App by myCast is a must have application for anyone who wants to learn how to play piano. For players wishing to enhance their skills and broaden their repertoire, the app offers a full experience. Users can practice at their own pace and improve their timing by adjusting the tempo of the songs and practicing along with a metronome. Users may easily navigate and find the content they are want for thanks to the app’s simple interface.

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