TVLauncher 3 for Android TV Free Download

One of the best and simple TV launcher for Android TV. TV launcher 3 has fully optimized to work with remote. You can share and create some tiles. You can organize all your apps on Android TV home screen. There are some special features compared to other high end complex TV launchers. This launcher keeps only the vital features on order make it simple and easy to use. But you will be able to find some bugs in here because that is still developing. 

You don’t have to pay any amount of money to download this app. So it is totally free. It is just 4.56 Mb sized. The above applications have many unique features. Some of them are as follows. You can set the wallpaper of your android TV via the TVLauncher 3. You can set number of app raws, columns and number of app categories on top.

Apart from the above TV launcher 3 features it allows the opening of the network sockets. You world be able to access information about the more networks. And it helps to prevent the screen sleeping and dimming. So these are the most important qualities that you want in an application. If you have tried this earlier don’t consider the above facts because you have experienced earlier.

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