Fastest and easiest way to download multiple files on to your Android device. More useful when creating collection of files download them once instead of zipping them and unzip when wanted. Formally known as DroidAdmin.

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Name: FileLinked
Size: 37.5 MB
Platform: Android
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You can download this app from FileLinked website too.

FileLinked Apk

This app is very useful for Android users who download multiple files from cloud storage. For example if you want to send multiple files to a person or many people without zipping or sending each URL for each file. How to do that. Unzip files using Android phone is annoying thing. You have photo album and you want to send it your family friends. Then this app will be more handy.

First upload them to your favorite cloud storage service like Dropbox. Then add each URL to FileLinked app. Then just send the 5 to 6 digit long code to your family members. Then they can easily download photo album using that code. No need to extract zip files. Super fast and easy. Download FileLinked app from above link for free and make your downloads move easy.

How to use It?

Take this instance. If you have many e-books and PDF and want them to be in your Android phone or send them to friend. You can easily locate them using your PC or MAC. But in order to download them to your Android device, You have to type those URLs one by one. It will be slow and bothering task for you. FileLinked app make this process faster than ever.


Here I am choosing Dropbox. Upload all required files Dropbox and create shared links.


Click here to create Free account.


Creating configurations is like creating folders. You can give configuration name (ex: folder name). This configuration will have many files like folder. Remember each configuration will have FileLinked code. Configuration code is the code you use to download files added to configuration.


Once you create configuration click on add files. You will have form to fill.

Name: Name of the filename
Description: Description about the file.
Download URL: Add created Dropbox URL here. Remember to replace zero "0" at the of the URL with one "1".
Ex: Change this - ..../test.mp3?dl=0 to ....../test.mp3?dl=1. It is to make shared URLs to download links.
Logo URL: Add picture to your file


Now you will have FileLinked code for files you added. Next download apk from above link and enter  code to download multiple files.

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