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Unlinked for Android

Last Updated:10th July, 2022

Android TV is the most popular Android TV box available cheap prices. Like Android phones you can find Android TV box from many manufactures. Using TV to watch content on bigger screen is much more nice than watching them on your phone. You can watch your memories, videos, music, photos and etc. with your family.

Sharing content with other Android TV users is not a easy task. Think if you want to share your photo collection with your family who were far away. Many adults can’t see photos clearly on phones due to its size. Best and easiest way is to use TV. Thanks to Android TV sharing content on TV is much more easier.

Create Unlinked Store

How to create your own list of applications and share those with others. UnLinked is developed to cope that problem and provide many more features. First create your account on UnLinked dashboard. It is completely free. You can create stores using that dashboard. Each store has unique code. Those codes are called Unlinked codes. Add your files to that store and share that code to access files on that store. You can store photos, Apps, Videos, Movies and anything. Anyone with that code easily access all those files, download them using TV BOX.

No need to use any other devices to navigate or download files available on Unlinked stores. Specially designed to work with TV remote. Quickly and comfortably navigate among files using TV remote. No need to use external peripherals like Mouse, Keyboard, game controller.

Android TV and Fire TV app Stores

Easiness and availability of Unlinked stores, many use this application to share their own list of TV apps and games. Most of those stores contain Movies, TV shows, Sports, Cartoon and other streaming applications that are not available on Play Store, Amazon App Store and many popular TV stores.

Android TV lovers like YouTubers, Facebook group admins and TV users create their own list of apps and share. If you can’t create your own list of TV apps and games, you can find those public TV stores. Just look for best Unlinked codes on Google. You will find plenty of codes out there.

This app support all most all Android TV boxes including Nvidia Shield TV, Shield TV pro, Mi BOX S, Mi TV Stick, H96 MAX, Skystream and all. Support all most all Amazon Fire TV devices. Unlinked is the alternative for Amazon App Store to install apps on your Firetick.

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