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Are you looking for Android TV only app store. APKTime is one of the best available app store for Android TV. There are thousands of Android TV apps available for free. You can looking for free Movies and TV series apps like Morpheus TV, Cyberflix and many other free streaming apps then this app has whole list of category dedicated for those kinds of streaming apps.

As you all know installing third party apps away from default app store is a nightmare in Android TV. It is because there is no fully functioning web browser to surf the internet and download what ever we want. Due to that installing third party apps become more and more difficult. At the end of year 2019 many apps that facilitate third party apps downloads like “puffin browser” and “Downloader” are removed from play store. Hope in this year 2020 we will have better options for that.

Many people use Analiti ( internet speed test app ) to download third party apps for Android TV. It is a long process. First you have to search for your app on your computer or phone and then you have to type those long URLs. Instead of doing same thing every time you download a application people tends to install Filelinked. Once Filelinked installed on your Android TV you can download any app you want for free. Only thing you have to look for is pin code. Once you have correct pin code which is 8 digit long you can download apps and games for free for your Android TV.

APKTime Download

If you have Filelinked installed on your Android TV then you can easily download and install APKTime for free. Installing Filelinked on Android TV is similar in all Android TV boxes. Make sure you have latest version of Android TV OS. Below shows the article to install Filelinked on Nvidia Shield TV. Don’t worry process looks similar on all Android TV boxes. Follow below article if you does not have Filelinked.

Enter below Filelinked code to download latest version of APKTime.


APKTime filelinked

Enter above code and search “APKTIME”. Check this APKTime Filelinked code instant access too.

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    Great application. thanks for sharing

  2. Lee Holt

    Hope this tv app store grows like Aptoide.

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