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How to Install Filelinked on Nvidia Shield TV Pro

Nvidia Shield TV pro is one of the best selling Android TV box out there. It is more popular as best Android TV gaming Box. It is because unlike other Android TV boxes, Nvidia Shield TV has more performance and capability. Specially when a Android TV designed by a tech giant Nvidia ( popular for games).

Nvidia Shield TV pro support Geforce Now ( cloud gaming platform) that allows you to play PC AAA games on Android TV. Support all Google play games. Nvidia has specially designed Nvidia Shield Game Controller. Using that controller you can play your favorite Android games on bigger screens like X-Box.

With those features and capabilities it is time to explore beyond Google Play Service. But installing other apps on Android TV is not a easy task. There are no reliable web browsers available for Android TV. Installing apps from internet is difficult for new Android TV users. Installing Filelinked on Nvidia Shield TV pro gives to free access to vast number of awesome Android TV apps and games. You can find new Filelinked codes and access those Filelinked stores using Nvidia Shield TV pro.


  1. How to install Filelinked on Nvidia Shield TV pro
    1. Install Analiti
    2. Grant permissions for Analiti to install Filelinked
    3. Download Filelinked APK
    4. Install Filelinked app
  2. Filelinked Codes

How to install Filelinked on Nvidia Shield TV pro

Installation process will be tricky. It is because day by day installation process changes as Play Store updates. Specially when it remove apps from play store. For example early days we use Puffin browser and downloader app to install Filelinked. Now those apps are not in play store. Today we are using Analiti ( a internet speed test app ) to install Filelinked.

Install Analiti

You can install Analiti app directly using Google play store. Open Google play store and search “Speed Test”. In search result you can see Analiti app. Install it.

Download and install Analiti

Grant permissions for Analiti to install Filelinked

By default Android system has blocked installation of other apps. In order to download and install Filelinked from Analiti we have to allow Unknown Sources feature from security settings.

Go to settings.

go to settings nvidia shield tv

Now you can see list of items appear on right side of the screen. From that list scroll till you find “Security & restrictions”. Click on it.

go to security and restrictions nvidia shield tv

From the next list appear click on “Unknown Sources”

unknown sources nvidia shield tv

Now you can see list of installed apps. From that list find Analiti app. Click on it to allow.

analiti install unknown apps

Once you install Filelinked you have to do the same ( allowing analiti to install other apps ) to install apps via Filelinked. Filelinked may appear on bove list after installation.

Download Filelinked APK

Now you can install Filelinked using Analiti. Open Analiti app. Left side menu of Analiti you can see “Web Check” Click on it.

analiti web check

It will open web browser. Top you can see area to enter web address. Enter below address and click “Go”.

You may have to press “Go” button for several times. If you receive message like below make sure to “Allow”.

Analiti Allow file downloads

If filelinked does not download even after allowing above permissions reload again till you see message like below.

filelinked downloading message via analiti

Installing Filelinked

Filelinked installation will be automatically open after download complete. If not find the downloaded file using File manager on your Android TV. Now you can proceed Filelinked installation just like installing other android app.

Click oone on filelinked installation

Once Filelinked installation completed make sure to grant permissions to install other apps like we do for “Analiti”. Click here see those steps.

Filelinked codes for Nvidia Shield TV Pro

There are lots of Filelinked codes for Nvidia Shield TV pro. Official Filelinked code is


For more free Filelinked codes visit here.

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  1. Vincent

    Tried this. Doesn’t work. Allowed unknown sources and refreshed a million times. Nothing. What else can I do?

    1. driodadmin

      Uninstall Filelinked app and reinstall latest stable version.

  2. Marcus Toner

    I just got my Nvidia Shield and first thing i do was installing FIlelinked app. Thank you

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