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Cameringo Lite. Filters Camera App

Perraco Labs’ Cameringo Lite app is a popular camera app that gives you access to a range of original features and creative filters to improve your picture. With its user-friendly design and advanced features, this application enables you to take breath-taking pictures and communicate your creative ideas in a way that has never been possible before. Since its release to the app market back in the year 2019, the app has been downloaded over millions of times across platforms.

Features of Cameringo Lite Apk

A large selection of filters is made available to users of the Cameringo Lite app to suit various aesthetics and moods. The software provides a wide range of filters that let you turn your images into works of art, from contemporary and artistic to vintage and retro effects. You can preview and apply filters in real-time with only a swipe, giving you complete control over how your photographs seem. The distinctive camera modes that Cameringo Lite offers give your photography a unique flair and some sense of fun. You may record distinctive viewpoints and produce striking pictures with the app’s settings including Fish Eye, Little Planet, and Pencil. In addition, Cameringo Lite has tools like HDR, Zoom, Timer, and Grids that improve your shooting efficiency and give you more control over your images.

The user-friendly and straightforward design of Cameringo Lite makes it simple for anyone to take and edit images that appear professional. You can simply access and move through the app’s different functions and settings thanks to its clear and basic design. Cameringo Lite’s easy-to-use controls make it simple to change settings like exposure, focus, and white balance to get the perfect photo. Additionally, the app has real-time editing features that let you adjust your photographs as you’re taking them. Brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness can all be changed in real-time, giving you an accurate preview of the final image before you even press the shutter.

How the app works

As a stand-alone camera program, Cameringo Lite gives you a variety of shooting settings as well as artistic filters right inside the program. Simply open the app, choose your preferred camera mode, and begin taking pictures using the selected filters and settings. You have complete control over your creative process thanks to the app’s ability to add filters and edit your photographs after you’ve taken them.


For those who love taking pictures and want to give their images a unique, artistic touch, Cameringo Lite is a must-have program. Cameringo Lite gives you the tools to take beautiful pictures that express your artistic vision thanks to its extensive library of filters, distinctive features, simple user interface, and real-time editing capabilities. Get the Cameringo Lite camera app by Perraco Labs right away to advance your photography! Filters and effects on this camera app are not mainly focus on beauty. There are dedicated Android camera apps that provide beauty filters and effects like B612 apk, YouCam perfect and etc.

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