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What is Filelinked Used For ?

What is Filelinked ?. Filelinked is a Android only application that support all Android phones, tablets and Android TV devices like Fire TV, Nvidia Shield TV, Mi Box and many more. So why filelinked was so popular among Android TV devices. Filelinked has now become the most wanted app or must have app for Android TV devices. There are lots of advantages of this app. Filelinked is a completely free software. Usage will be differ according to the way you use it. You can use it as your own collection of files or you can use it to access others files and many more.

Filelinked Used For

Filelinked is used to facilitated bulk file downloads for Android devices. Mainly targeted on Android TV devices. There is a lack of web browsers for Android TV devices. For example only available best file downloading apps like “Downloader” and “Puffin Browsers” are removed from play store. There is many cases where you can use Filelinked for.

1. To Quick Setup your Android TV

You can’t easily download files from internet using Android TV. The main reason is that it is hard to type long URLs on your Android TV by using a remote. Even using a keyboard is a headache.

Think if you want to reset your Android TV and reinstall all your previous apps and games downloaded from internet not from play store. How do we do that easily. Then Filelinked can be used. Just create your own Filelinked code using Filelinked Dashboard. You can add all your Android apps, games, images, videos and any file using Filelinked dashboard. In order to download those added files to Android TV just enter your 8 digit Filelinked code.

2. As a Third Party App Store

Many Android TV lovers and YouTubers already created their own Filelinked stores full of apps and games. You can get one of those public filelinked code and download those apps. Like that you can use Filelinked as a third party App Store to Google Play Store. Click here to find list of public Filelinked codes.

3. To Share your Files

You can create your own list of files on Filelinked Dashboard. Each file collection has a filelinked code. You can share that code with your friend to share your file collection.

4. As a Private File Collection

You can create your own list of files that need to be access on your Android TV, phone and other Android devices. You can protect your file collection using a password. So only you can access that list.

Above listed only main Filelinked usage scenarios only.

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