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Ccleaner for Android Free Download

The Ccleaner is a famous software that cleans the pc and the mac. Not only that, but the Ccleaner is also applicable for Android devices too. The name itself shows what is the main task by the Ccleaner. But it not only performs the cleaning tasks but also there are some more tasks. The Ccleaner offered a safe browsing experience just like Clean master.

Also it cleans the whole RAM of the device. By utilizing the Ccleaner anyone can become their own master of their device. Many improvements can be seen in the latest version of the Ccleaner. Latest version is about a 12MB sized app which make it easier to download. It won’t take much storage space from your phone too.

Features of the Ccleaner

  • Cleaning and the optimization
    By cleaning all the junk files, the device can be sped up more than before. Not only that the cache file cleaning, history of the browsed contents, and more other contents will be cleaned by this Ccleaner app.
  • Increase storage space by cleaning it.
    You can make more space from your device very easily and quickly. If there are unwanted applications contained in the app you are able to delete at once.Clean the other residual files and make more space on the device. By using a storage analyzer optimize the storage and space remained in the device.
  • The impact of the application
    You can analyze each one of the applications present in the device. That means you can check yourselves how they consume the data and space. Check the applications that consume more data from your device. Also if there are battery draining apps the device user can find it more quickly. Aside from that the app manager will find out all the unused apps once.
  • Speeding up the device
    Removal of all unwanted apps and files makes more space in your device. The more space will make it run faster.
    The running tasks will be stopped quickly and then the cleaning process can be done, task killers. And by the Ccleaner stop all apps running in the background. Then after you can manually open the app.
  • Can be easily used
    There are only a few steps for optimization. That means it needs only a few clicks. The app has an interface that is so simple. Along with the interface the navigation can be done so easily.
    As a new feature determine all impacts done by each app. And that can be checked easily.
  • Monitoring the screen
    Check the status of the usage of the device CPU. Analyze the internal storage and usage of RAM. Plus the temperature of the device can be checked and can get a report about the battery level.
  • Requirements for the usage
    In order to use the app the users are required to have a device along with an android version of 5.0 or upwards.
  • Popularity
    Due to the all improved features, more than five million people have joined with the Ccleaner app.
  • In-app purchases
    The users have to pay some amount to use the app and experience with more other features. That is about 1$- 4$.
  • Free app
    If you don’t want to experience more other features you are allowed to use this app for free.

This app receive update to provide more free features and fix existing issues. So make sure to install updates received from CCleaner. Below listed change log of recent update.

  • The issues have fixed
  • Ccleaner is improved
  • supportive for the HEIC image file type

The Ccleaner is a kind of best app for the optimization process of the device. It is better to use by anyone.

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