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DB TV Assistant for Android TV

DB uses to introduce the name DangBei. The above app is commonly used in android TV devices. The main function of the above application is to increase the performance of the device. Also, there is the best cleaning present in there. You can manage your television freely. 

Apart from that, the above app will help on certain occasions. Imagine that your android device is working slower than earlier. So this app is the real solution. By using the above app you can regain the performance of the android device. Surely you will be satisfied by the present situation. 


Then I’ll tell you how you can recognize the work of your television. I mean the performance. You can continue your work with the start button. You will get a number in there. Your number is in the range from 0 to 100. If you got a number near to the 100 your android television is optimized. Think if you got a number less than 50 you need to get your android device cleared. That means you have to use the above application. Again you can use the start button to clean up the device. After that, you can check the next optimization level. Surely that is getting closer to the 100.


Do you know which items will be cleaned by the DB TV assistant?? It will affect then memory, RAM and the other cache files. After running the above app you can get more space in your android television. Even you don’t need a long time for the clearing up. Just need about 1 minute. So that is too fast. 

The next important reason is the booting time. There may be a reason for the increase of the booting time. The autorun application is the main reason. For the opening of those autorun apps the all resources existing in android TV needed. Among them, you can find unnecessary autorun apps. With the DB TV assistant, you can remove all of them. For that, you only need to start the autorun killer button. Then you can reduce the booting time so it is reduced. 

Do not afraid that apps don’t delete your all apps but it will prevent the auto-opening apps while booting. The DB TV assistant last opened in February of 2020. It is a 4.04 MB sized app. If you want to download and test that app, download the latest version of it. I wish surely you have to get a perfect experience with this app.

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  1. Jade

    This app is for another TV company. There are lots of awesome alternatives that are much more better than this like Clean master

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