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Disrn in a useful while to aware of the brief and faithful news for the users. To get to know such news the Disrn is the only one here. Stay informed about all the updated details just from the home screen. The users would get to know about all editorials and the other type of stories.

The Disrn is already present in the iOS devices. Now it is introduced to the android devices too. If you are a person who is using the Disrn apk would get to know breaking news instantly. The issue taking place while the logging out is fixed with the latest version of the Disrn app. It is only about a 9.3 MB sized app. You can any free VPN service like Kiwi VPN, Ii your location or region does not supported.

Features of the Disrn app

  • Allow for browsing anything
    The Disrn lets you browse any article or any recent news and as well as more trending articles. So that the users are able to stay alerted about the all necessary news.
  • Share
    If there are any favorite articles of yours, you are able to share them with your friends. And keep a bookmark to any item of the article.
  • Customize the app
    The users are able to make changes to the Disrn app as they deserve. Along with the advanced settings Customise the app as your preference.
  • Members-only feature
    The Disrn app is along with the specific feature of members only. To work with the members-only feature the users have to log in.
  • In-app purchase
    Along with the above purchasing app, there are more features with it. The members-only feature and the more identical podcasts are there.
  • Ad-free
    Along with the Disrn all the users can be experienced with the ad-free version. That means there are no distractions while using the app.
  • Comment
    The users are able to comment on any article that they wanted to comment on. That is even another specific feature along with the Disrn community.
  • Read member
    After signing in with the Disrn app the read member-exclusive feature is along with the Disrn.
  • Use for free
    If you want to experience the advanced features you have to purchase the app. But if you don’t want to experience without them, you are able to use it for free
  • Requirements for use
    The users have to be with a device along with android version 5.0 or upwards

What’s new with the latest version

  • The issue that arises when log out has fixed
  • Some other bugs have fixed
  • Minor improvements can be seen

  Therefore the Disrn app is the best app to stay alert about the whole surrounding areas. If you are interested to follow the app, start it today onwards.

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