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Filelinked Code for VLC Player

VLC is one stop media player for all platforms including Android, IOS, MAC, and Windows. No Ads or no need to buy. It is completely free. Support all most all video formats. This player is good for streaming purposes too. Actually this player is much more better than other paid player for streaming. Your can stream movies and TV shows smoothly with less buffering. If you have Android TV device you can use VLC as the primary streaming player for all other apps like morpheus TV and etc.

VLC Player for Android TV

VLC media player for Android TV

VLC has specially designed interface for Android TV. As you know, using Android apps that are not designed for Android TV is bit hard with remote and some apps are not usable with remote. There for it is always nice to have Android apps designed for Android TV with large buttons and nice interface. VLC has such nice interface that work great with Android TV remote. Don’t worry Android TV version too has all those features.

If you want you can choose between Android TV interface version or basic version. If you are interested this is how to change VLC interface to Android TV interface.

  • Open VLC media layer and go to settings.
  • From settings find “Interface”
  • Under “interface” you can find “Android TV interface” option. Click to enable.
  • That’s all.

Filelinked Code for VLC Media Player.

VLC media player available on all most all popular Filelinked stores. Because it is one of the best and recommended media player for Android TV devices. Below Filelinked codes has VLC media Player.

Official Filelinked Store: 11111111
JoappsReviews: 17779393
Jojos AmazingVideos Apk : 64539676

You can download VLC media player from Google play Store, if you have Google Play Store on your Android TV. VLC media player also available on Amazon App Store. For Fire TV user does not need to download and install Filelinked to install VLC media player. Just search “VLC”. In search result you can see VLC player.

You can organize all your media content with the help of this media player. So easy to work. Feel free to leave comment.

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