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Filelinked for Android TV

Android TV is becoming more and more popular than early days. It is because people detach from cables TV and move to internet based streaming services. When it comes to streaming content on your TV there are few major players like Google android TV, Apple TV, Roku and etc. I this article I am going to focused of world most popular smart TV platform Android TV.

Android TV

Hisense Android TV

You can use Android TV is two ways. You can buy Android TV or buy Android TV Box. What are those ?. Let me explain. Google has partnered with TV manufactures around the world. So that they can ship TVs built in with Android TV. Some of them are Hisense, Sony, Philips and more. Some major players like Samsung and TCL has their own platform. For example Tizen for Samsung and TCL partnered with Roku. The main advantage of buying a TV built in Android is easy for many of you. For example there are no two remotes for one TV. No installation or any other parts hanging outside the TV. Those who have less knowledge in handling those kinds of devices directly choose Android TV. For others or according to my opinion it is best to buy separate Android TV Box.

Android TV BOX

Mi Box - Android TV

Android TV box is the most reliable and practical way to use Android TV. It is because if you already have Smart TV or any TV with at least one HDMI port can use Android TV Box. Buying a Android TV BOX is safer and easier than buying a TV built in Android. Because with time Android TV get new features and receive updates. What if your TV manufacture stop providing new and latest updates after few years of buying. So buying a cheap TV Box easily allows you to buy new one at lower price instead of changing the TV. There are lots of options available right now.

For example Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV cube, Fire TV Stick, Nvidia Shield, Mi Box and more available at reasonable prices. Out of them Fire TV Stick became more and more popular among Android TV users. It is because of its size and price. Remember Amazon fire tv does not come with Google Play Store and Google voice assistance. It comes with Amazon App Store and Alexa voice support. However people love those two than google.

Filelinked for Android TV

Why Filelinked for Android TV. Many Android TV devices does not come with keyboard / mouse and touch assistance. So when you want to type something you have to say it using voice support like Google voice or Alexa. But when it comes to typing URLs you have to use your remote to type those long URLs.

Finding offshore Android TV apps are not easy. Because people does not know about awesome android TV apps out there. Those apps may not available on Google Play Store and Amazon App Store. So you have to do google search or rely on YouTube.

Filelinked is the best source or best Android TV app Store for Android TV. It is not a single app store. It is a collection of App Stores. Many YouTubers or Android TV lovers create their own collection of awesome Android TV apps using Filelinked. All you have to do is install Filelinked and find those filelinked store codes to access them. You can find some awesome Filelinked codes on below website. Check end of the website.

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