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Filelinked for Android TV Box

You can install Filelinked on any Android TV box free. There are lots of Android TV boxes out there like Amazon Fire TV stick, Mi Box, Nvidia Shield and many more. If you have a smart TV or any TV with one HDMI port then you can connect Android TV box and use Android TV. For example Amazon Fire TV stick may require only one HDMI port.

Android TV specially designed to work with remote. Because remote is the main controller used in Android TV. So number of apps available for Android TV is less compared to phones. How ever some Android TV box manufactures give full access to Android apps. Since some apps and games are not optimized to work with remote controllers you have to use mouse pointer app like “Mouse Toggle”.

Install Filelinked on Android TV BOX

Filelinked does not available on Google Play Store. There are apps called “Filelinked” on play store. All those are fake. So avoid downloading those duplicate apps. You can directly download and install official version from official website. Many Android TV devices does not come with web browser. For that we may need third party web browser. For this I am using “Downloader app”.

Installation will be differ from device to device due to some reasons. I will cover basic procedure you have to follow installing Filinked on Android TV box excluding Fire TV devices.

Step 01: Download and install “Downloader app”

In order to download Filelinked apk we may need a web browser. For that you can download and install “Downloader” app. Go to play store and search “Down”.

google search downloader app

Install downloader app.

Allow permissions to Downloader

Once installation completed open Downloader app. Once you open that app you will ask to access photos, media, and files. Click “Allow”. If not this app will not be able to download files.

Download Filelinked apk

In the “Home” page of “Downloader” app you can see area to enter website URL. Enter below URL to download latest version of Filelinked to Android BOX.

Click “GO” button to start download.

Install Filelinked on Android BOX

Once download completed click on install button to continue installation. You will receive “Google Play Protect” message while installing Filelinked.

play protect block when installing filelinked

Click “Allow” to install Filelinked from Downloader. Once installation completed click “Done”.

Install Apps using Filelinked

Open Filelinked app. In order to download and install apps using Filelinked you may need a Filelinked code. Use one of the below Filelinked code to access filelinked store.

Official Filelinked code: 11111111
JoappsReviews: 17779393
Jojos AmazingVideos Apk : 64539676

In each filelilnked store you can see list of Android TV compatible apps and games. You can see download button for each app far right corner. Click on it to download. Once download completed that download button turns in to “Play” button. Click on it to begin installation. That’s all.

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  1. Brian Vortux

    very clear article. Easy to go through

  2. Lee lunk

    I used chrome because my tv has Chrome. No need to waste time on downloader app.

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