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Filelinked for Android

Filelinked is specially designed for Android TV. It is because those who use Android TV know how it was difficult to install any third party apps from internet. Typing those URLs using a remote is not easy. If you have Bluetooth keyboard then it will be easier. Main feature of Filelinked is to facilitate bulk file download. Using a 8 digit code you can easily download files, install apps and games easily.

Any one can create a Filelinked store from Filelinked dashboard and add files to it. Each store has 8 digit code to access it. If you have filelinked install on your Android device you can enter that code and download those files added using Filelinked dashboard.

Once that app was launched it was more popular as app market place. It is because many tends to add streaming Android TV apps to those filelinked stores and made them public. So that any one had that code can easily download those Android TV streaming apps. Many search or look on communities for latest Android TV streaming apps and where to download them. With Filelinked you can easily download any streaming app you like. It is because many YouTubers and Android TV lovers create their stores with most popular streaming apps. All you have to do is find one best code to access them. I’ll share all in one Filelinked Code for all Android TV devices.

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Filelinked for Android

Filelinked is only available for Android. This app is completely free to use and download. No registration or subscription required. Just download and install this app and you are good to go. Click below link to download filelinked for Android.

Filelinked has their own official store. Filelinked code for that store is

You can scan for viruses before download them to your Android TV. It is more important. Because we can’t trust files on Filelinked stores. Those apps are added by strangers. If you have a code created by your favorite YouTuber and you trust him/her then no problem about it. However it is always safe to have virus scanner. You can integrate VirusTotal app to Filelinked easily. All you have to do download official app from official store ( 11111111) and enable that feature. For more information read below article.

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    due to this app it has become easy to install third party apps. can say a good app

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