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Kodi for Android TV

Size:60.7 MB
Requirement:Android 5.0 and up
Last Updated:March 23, 2020

What is a Kodi app?

You know this by the name of an Xbox media player from 2002. That is the most familiar name for you. After it turned into the Xbox media centre in 2003. Then it remained under the name of Xbox media centre from 2004 and up to 2014. After that, it turned into Kodi. I think now you have remembered all the known details of the Kodi app. 

Actually Kodi is an open-source that can be found very easily. That is a software that can be used to access many kinds of content such as videos, movies or music. The above content can be accessed with devices such as phone, TV, laptops and tablets. 

That is the main description of the Kodi app. Then we will see what are the special features of the above Kodi app. 

What are the significant features of the Kodi app??? 

  • The above app provides access to various entertainment modes as in the above mentioned. 
  • You can store them and watch it later. 
  • It is working across all over the hundreds of devices. 
  • It has a unique interface. 
  • It can work with the storage devices that you have already used. 
  • There is no anything that Kodi can’t perform when talking about entertainment. 
  • It can work with various video formats. 

Those are the main uses and the features of the Kodi app. Then we will see what is the method of downloading and the installation of the Kodi, your favourite app. 

How to download Kodi and install the app to your device??? 

Mainly we will talk about the installation method to the android devices. 

First of all, you have to create a Google account for it. If you want to install Kodi latest version of Kodi you need to have the android version 5.0 or higher one. Then search by the name “Kodi” from the Google Play Store. After you download it, you can install. Then you would be able to check if it is working. 

From the above details, you would be alerted about the method of proper downloading and the installation method of the Kodi. Then we will focus our attention towards the frequently asked questions about the Kodi app. 

Kodi Home Page

FAQs of Kodi app

What are the devices that work with the Kodi app?? 

Kodi app is able to run on the devices with Android, Linux, Mac OS, iOS and the raspberry pi. Also, it can be used on television and other streaming devices. It is known as a universal window app. And this is working with the Apple TV. 

Can Kodi stream live TV??

There is a personal video recorder for the Kodi app. So that you can record and store that. 

Can Kodi be replaced by a cable??? 

It has all the features of the cable box that can replace it. 

What are the remote controls that work with Kodi??? 

There are many remotes that will work with the above Kodi app. 

Is that Kodi legal and safe??? 

Yes, this is a legal app. You can download it and work with it. That is a legal activity. Also, this is safe with the box. 

Is there any use of the Kodi app?? 

Yes. As I said above this is an app that can be used to relieve your stress and be entertaining.

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