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Puffin TV Browser for Android TV Box

Puffin is one of the best available web browser for Android TV boxes like Nvidia Shield TV, Mi BOX S, Skystream, Firestick and Fire TV, X95 and many more. It is because unlike chrome, opera and brave web browsers, Puffin Browser specially designed to work with large screens like TVs. This is a must have web browser for your Android TV.

Interface and favorites or bookmarks arrangement of this browser may fit many of you. It is because instead of navigating on text lines it is much more easier to navigate on tiles. Because tiles are easier to see on far distance.

By default this browser has listed all most all website addresses that may used by average Android TV user. Once you open this app you can see list of website addresses categorized nicely. You can push your own website addresses to that list. If there is any website you like to visit frequently no need to type that address every time. Just add it to the list and select that tile to open your website.

puffin tv bookmark arrangment

Default search engine of this web browser is Google. You can use your Google voice do searches or you can type them manually. Search suggestions may appear below when your start to type. So no need to type all the letters or words. Type half and select what you want.

puffin tv browser searching

TV Web Browser with mouse

Problem with many Android TV web browsers are hard to navigate around the website without a mouse or touch pad. What to do if you only have Android TV remote. Puffin TV browser also thought about those users too. Once you load web page you will see mouse courser icon appear on web page. You can move that courser using arrow keys on your remote. That make is easier to click what ever the buttons, texts, images on that web page.

There are lots of untold features in this web browser. You can experience them once you installed.

Download Puffin TV Browser for Android TV

There are lots of Android TV boxes. Does all of them are same. Not at all. Many Android TV boxes comes rooted by default. Those devices has full access to Google Play Store. If you have Google Play Store just open it and search “Puffin”. If you can see puffin browser install it. If not read next paragraphs of this article.

Others have deafult Android TV OS with Google Play Store. Here play store is limited to Android TV apps. So you can’t install any Android app using Play Store. Some does not have Google Play Store like Firestick.

If you have Filelinked installed on your device you can easily install this web browser for free. If you does not have Filelinked install on your Android TV click below link to install Filelinked on Android TV.

Install Filelinked on Android TV

Filelinked code for Puffin TV Browser: 11111111

Now search “Puffin” on above Filelinked store. There you can latest version of Puffin web browser.

Puffin TV filelinked code

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